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Grading for Essay 1: What to Look For

As promised, the things I’ll be looking closely for in determing grades for Essay Version 1:

 1. PIE Paragraphs




 2. Title: make sure to include author and title of the study you are using.—scholarly title 


Music as a Means to Concerted Cultivation: Childhood Entitlement and Annette Lareau’s Unequal Childhoods

 3. Proper MLA citation and formatting

              Find this on the Purdue OWL

 4. “to be” verbs—a word tells an action (to run)

  to be, am,  is, are, was,  were

being, been, be 

  5. no “you” but “one”.

Essay 1 Assignment

Your assignment is to apply Lareau’s notions of concerted cultivation and natural growth to your experience(s) of being reared by your parents.  Be sure to focus on the ages of 9-10. 

Be sure also to have correct MLA format (see the Purdue OWL just in case you forgot).  That includes double-spacing, 12pt font, and page numbers.

Have a first draft completed (at least four pages), in paper form, ready for peer review next class.  If you don’t have a copy, you will be marked absent.  DO NOT include an introduction nor conclusion. 

AND FINALLY: please post a version of this on your blog.

PIE Paragraphs

Please post your revised PIE paragraph on your blog, making the corrections as noted on your draft. 

Have these posted by 9 PM, 24 March 2010 please.

Syllabus Update–March 11, 2010

Dear friends, please take a peek at the link to the syllabus, there have been a few changes.  The most immediate change is for the reading homework for March 16th.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

Bourdieu Misrecognition Quote


Bourdieu, Pierre. “The Economy of Symbolic Goods.” Practical Reason: On the

Theory of Action. Trans. Randal Johnson. Stanford: Stanford UP, 1998. Print.

These common dispositions, and the shared doxa they establish, are the product of an identical or similar socialization leading to the generalized incorporation of the structures of the market of symbolic goods in the form of cognitive structures in agreement with the objective structures of that market.  Symbolic violence rests on the adjustment between the structures constitutive of the habitus of the dominated and the structure of the relation of domination to which they apply: the dominated perceive the dominant through the categories that the relation of domination has produced and which are thus identical to the interests of the dominant.

            Because the economy of symbolic goods is based on belief, the principle of its reproduction or crisis is found in the reproduction or crisis of belief, that is, in continuity or rupture with the adjustment between mental structures (categories of perception and appreciation, systems of preference) and objective structures.  But the rupture cannot result from a simple awakening of consciousness; the transformation of the objective structures of which they are the product and which they can survive.  (121-122)

Homeless in El Barrio Reading

Your Blogs

Some great blogging happening my friends, I’m getting through to everyone slowly but surely.  Please make sure to read over my responses.  Responding to them in new posts my be a good idea to add some space to your blogs.  The questions I ask relate to writing you’ll be doing later, so answering them might help you to generate text you could use for future assignments. 

And have fun with your writing too.  Remember: just write.  Time yourself for ten minutes, and write. 

As an exercise try the following.  Begin with “I remember”.  And write from there.  When you run out of steam with this memory, write on the next line “I remember” again and go on until this memory slows down, and then begin again the next line down.  Your hand will get tired.


Unequal Childhoods Video

Unequal Childhoods

This video was about a class presentation about Unequal Childhoods . . . .

A Few People Signed On

There are few students signed up now: things are moving.  Those of you who found the site, how did you do it?  I’m having trouble myself, as I’m still learning how to use this platform, and I suspect this may be the case with several students.  Maybe some of you have used wordpress before?  I hope to start seeing some blogs soon.  Cheers.

And Goodbye January

I hope I can find my class this Saturday afternoon.  Getting connected on this platform takes some practice for me, so I hope you cut the old man a few breaks.

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